Best Ways To Hide Your Flask In Public

We've all been there. You've got a flask filled with your favorite bourbon. And yet, you're nervous. You don't want people staring at the bulge in your pocket or seeing you take a swig from a stainless steel device which clearly does not contain apple juice. Here are few tips for venturing out in public with liquor at your side.
Keychain Flasks
While not the most practical for taking a huge amount of liquor with you, a keychain flask can contain up to two ounces of your favorite drink, which can easily save you a few bucks at the bar. The draw of the keychain flask is that you can keep it in your pocket without it bulging out, and if you have actual keys attached to it, no bouncer or security guard will make a fuss out of it. In fact, they'll think its cute because it's so small. The keychain flask is ideal for that reason- its harmless, cute, and offers you a free shot at any time you feel up for it. keychain pic

Choose Your Pockets Wisely 
Walking into a concert, bar, government office, or airport can be nerve-racking, especially if you've got a loaded flask in your pocket. That is why one must choose his or her hiding spot carefully, and make sure that the right pocket is used when tucking away a flask. The best pocket is probably the breast pocket of a blazer, mainly because the blazer will not be pressed against one's body, thereby leaving some extra wiggle room to utilize. A standard sized flask should fit nicely into a blazer or suit jacket breast pocket.
Of course, you might not be wearing a blazer, and  might be running around town in a dirty ol' t-shirt. No problem there. Just put your flask in your back pocket, and hope that the tip doesn't stick out. You can even stuff in a napkin or two to conceal any shiny stainless steel that emerges. One thing you should not do is keep your flask in your front pocket. It's just way too obvious, and between your phone and wallet, it will be obvious that you've got something extra.
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Your Phone Is Your Friend
So you might be wondering what a cell phone has to do with a flask. Not very much, actually. In fact, that's the whole point: the cell phone can be a great distraction to drinking out of one's flask. Allow me to explain:
You are walking in a busy street, it's cold outside, and you suddenly get that warm and familiar urge for a sip of your flask. The problem, however, as you might have guessed, is that one cannot simply pull out a flask in the middle of a public street and start drinking. That is why a good strategy is to walk over to the side, pull out your phone and pretend you are listening to a voice mail. This display serves as a good common distraction, in the sense that no one will look twice at you, because you are busy with your phone. At some point, you should turn away from the public and face a building or park, depending on what street you're on, and quickly take a swig. Granted, it's not an impeccable strategy, but stopping on the side with a cell phone out can remove most unwanted eyes.
Form Is Everything
One final note to flask drinkers. The best and most concealable method for taking a swig from one's flask is to cock your wrist when you drink, rather than your head. That's because if you do move your head back, it's pretty clear that you're drinking something. But if you keep your head level, and simply raise your flask with a flick of the wrist, you are far more likely to quietly enjoy some warming whiskey, in the cold, and be comfortably numb with no distractions.
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