About Flasks.com

Flasks.com is a superstore with many different flasks for sale.  We offer personalized and custom engraved hip flasks delivered not just fast but super-fast!  Combine our fast service with our FREE SHIPPING and FREE PERSONALIZATION and you have a recipe for success!

Hip Flasks Galore!  Buy Hip Flasks from Flasks.com and Save

Our premium hip flasks are different than other flask sellers because:

1) We use only top quality 304 stainless steel, not the cheaper 201 99% of all other flask sellers use.

2) We use .5m thick stainless steel walls: this increases durability, leak resistance and gives the flask a quality "heft" that screams quality.

3) The joints on our flasks are laser welded which is better than the standard soldered welds on other flasks.  This prevents against leaks.

4) Leak tested - each flask we sell is leak tested with water and pressurized air to make sure there are no leaks or embarrassing moments.

5) Our flasks are branded Flasks.com. Since we put our name on the flasks each one is to be perfect and we take pride in creating them.

In the average shoppers hectic and busy life it can be difficult to get out and find a high quality gift flask for the people you know and love.  

At Flasks.com we make buying custom hip flasks easy and almost as quick as going to the store and buying it. Our easy online ordering process, affordable pricing and quick delivery combined with our attention to detail and willingness to perfect our products make buying from us a unique and favorable experience.

Have you ever given a gift that totally embarrassed you because it did not work properly or just looked "off"?  NOT AT FLASKS.COM - We only sell hip flasks that the recipients will love to receive and you will not be embarrassed giving them away!  We are not just another online gift flask supplier!  We take pride in all of the products we carry taking the time to inspect each and every one before it leaves our 12,000sf warehouse; this ensures that every order is as close to perfect as our shoppers expect.

FAST!  We offer services that allow you to order custom made and personalized hip flasks and receive them in less than 24 hours!  That's right LESS THAN 1 BUSINESS DAY for custom products!  We have delivery options ranging from one day (premium service) to 1 week (standard free service.)  Simply choose the options you need during checkout and allow us to create your custom order and deliver it to you in the time frame you need...just sit back and relax, we're on it!