If You Lose a Bet, and the Wife Controls the TV Remote All Weekend, You Need to Fill Your Flask!

Imagine if you lose a bet to your wife, and she gets the TV remote. For the whole weekend. Uh oh. We all know what that means: no news, no sports, no action movies, no comedy, and worst of all: watching movies on Lifetime. No husband wants to sit through that. But most likely, he won't have a choice, and that's where the flask comes in.
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With your trusty flask at your side, or hidden under the couch cushions, you will be able to have a swig of your favorite pain-killer: every time your wife goes to answer the phone, check on the kids, or get some snacks from the kitchen.
Betting with your wife can be high stakes, and might include more than just losing the rights to the TV remote. It might involve having to go watch your 7 year old niece in a choir performance or ballet recital. But regardless of the fact that you lost the bet, it will be much more tolerable, because you have a flask filled with something that helps you through those difficult functions.
What are some other bets you might lost? Perhaps your wife will drag you to her office holiday party where spouses are invited...and guess what? That's no problem! Because you have your trusty flask. Now they may not have an open bar, but they will be selling wine coolers...and again, that's no problem! You can bring your flask of Jack Daniels, and the bartender at the beverage table will give you a Coke with ice, and you can top if off with Old No. 7 and have a happy time! And just in case your distant cousin's wedding doesn't have an open bar, you'll have your own personal open bar with your hidden flask!
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As you can see, having a flask is a great thing. It is a dependable thing to have with you at all times, especially for those moments in life where you think "Boy, this really sucks". It is at that point that you pull out your flask, take a sip, and suddenly feel a lot better.
Of course, it is not just married men that need to own a flask- single ones do too, because they can lose bets too, whether to girlfriends, coworkers, or whomever. And let's not just limit it to men- women might enjoy a swig here and there. It seems that the lesson we are learning is that everyone can use a flask- man, woman, married, single- as long as you are of drinking age, a flask is definitely the thing for you!
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