Top 5 Bars to Visit at the New Orleans Jazz Festival

New Orleans will soon be the center of attention for travelers and music lovers nationwide. One of the greatest annual national events, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, is firing up down in NOLA the last weekend of April and will swing through the first weekend of May. Celebrating the New Orleans Jazz Fest is a perfect excuse to let the good times roll and head down south to take part in the festivities.
Aside from being a famous haven for great music, New Orleans is also well known for it's bold night life and party atmosphere. If you find yourself on the way down to Jazz Fest this year, make sure you take some time to discover the city's finer tavern culture in these five of our favorite bars.

1. Bar Tonique, Rampart Street
Let the tourists pay too much for their crowded fun over on Bourbon Street. This French Quarter hangout makes everyone feel like a local with classic drinks crafted from New Orleans' legendary past. Authentic Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds and Corpse Revivers hold up this casual bar’s legendary reputation for historic hand-crafted concoctions.
2. Pat O'Brien's, St. Peter Street
Why resist a place that's been serving up drinks since Prohibition? This NOLA institution mixes a Bloody Mary that gives its signature Hurricane a run for the bayou. Patrons enjoy the easy flow of friendly crowds inside and out along with rocking music from the bar's twin baby grand pianos.
3. Snake and Jake's Christmas Club Lounge, Oak Street
There are dives, and then there's this joint. Cheap drinks, a gravel floor and year-round Christmas decorations await the brave patron who's willing to enter this neighborhood hole in the wall. Southern hospitality off the beaten track has a permanent home at this laid-back lounge.
4. Carousel Bar, Royal Street
It takes 15 minutes for the bar to complete one revolution, and that adds up to a historic number of turns. This classic lounge in the Hotel Monteleone has been spinning patrons’ heads for more than 60 years. Nestled deep in the heart of the Quarter, it’s home to the original Vieux Carre cocktail.
5. Blue Nile, Frenchman Street
The sounds and soul of the New Orleans Jazz Festival live year round at this premier venue for live entertainment. Local musicians gather for improvisational inspiration that ranges from rhythm and blues to brassy funk. The club is more than a bar; it’s an experience unique to the Big Easy.
If you still have energy left to party through the night and find that you're itching for more music, check out Live For Live Music's guide to Jazz Fest After Partying here.
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