10 Hidden Flasks That Don't Look Like Flasks

Since there are some folks who really, really want to smuggle their booze into a place where they are not supposed to, there are many types of hidden flasks that have been created to help people “fool” the folks who are supposed to be “on the lookout” for people with open containers, coolers, and so forth.
Here are some cool flasks, that do not look like flasks, but they are!
Test Tube Flask - Naturally, there has to be a flask that looks like a test tube, and you may even be able to fit it in your “pocket protector,” but would someone with one of those, really be going to a sporting event?
Tampon Flask - Along with the test tube flask, is the same sized Tampon Flask, and it may look like a container that holds a tampon, or it might look like the actual item itself. Either way, it’s a clever idea. (???)
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]3oz White Garter Belt Flask in Gift Box from Flasks.com 3oz White Garter Belt Flask in Gift Box from Flasks.com[/caption]
Garter Belt Flask - Now this really can function, because there are small flasks, ideal for women, and created to fit inside a garter belt.
Camera Flask - Looks like an old fashioned camera, and actually holds the beverage of your choice. There was once an I Love Lucy episode where she hid food, during her hunger strike, inside a large camera bag, while the four of them were in Europe.
Keychain Flask - There are small, very small flasks, that can also look like a keychain, and if anyone asks, you can tell them “it’s just a keychain.” There are also self-defense pepper sprays that look like keychains, so be careful!
FYI: While some manufacturers might make good quality flasks, disguised as some of these, others turn out to be only good as a “gag gift,” which is why we choose not to sell some of these. After all, we are serious about being in the “flask business.”
[caption id="attachment_637" align="alignleft" width="300"]Old Binocular Flask Advertisement Photo Credit: Michael Dietsch[/caption]
Binoculars Flask - Looks like a pair of binoculars, but contains, usually two, compartments for alcohol. This could be helpful when you like tequila and she likes vodka, or vice versa.
Belt Buckle Flask - Again, a very tiny flask, made into a belt buckle, to help someone’s pants up. Just remember if the belt is removed to take a nip, not to let the pants drop to the floor.
Lipstick Flask - Not forgetting the ladies, there are oversized lipstick looking contraptions, which are actually flasks, and these are easy to smuggle into almost anywhere.
Cane or Walking Stick Flask - Unless you’re an older gent, a grandpa, or a man in a tuxedo, why would you carry a cane? But there are flasks that are hidden near the top of a cane or walking stick.
Cell Phone Flask - These days, everyone, even senior citizens and eight year old kids, carry a cell phone, so when someone decided to make a flask that is disguised as a cell phone, it made sense. Everywhere you go, you see people texting, reading emails, and talking on their cell phones. Next time you see someone with their head tilted back, and the phone to their lips, you’ll know what they’re up to!
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