Best Hip Flask Protocols - Dos & Don'ts of Carrying a Whiskey Flask

Not many people are aware of the fact that owning or being in the presence of a hip flask requires adherence to a general set of social protocols. Below, you'll find a list we compiled of the most basic dos and don'ts of flask handling.


  • Do offer a drink to others, whether you know they will want some or not. Chances are, they'll appreciate the offer.
  • Do offer sips to the women first, then the men. Chivalry is not dead!
  • Do keep your flask clean, and keep it empty when it is stored away for periods of a few days or longer.
  • Do use warm water, or even warm water with vinegar to clean out the flask, and rinse it well until the vinegar smell is gone.
  • Do conceal the flask when possible, and discreetly remove it and drink from it when necessary. 
  • Do keep the flask tightly closed so that it will not leak on you, your clothing, or someone else.
  • Do use a convenient funnel to fill your flask, if you have a funnel, so that you will not risk spilling any of the beverage you choose to store in your flask. I'm not sure why anyone would try and fill a flask without a funnel, but you never know.
  • Do buy flasks as gifts for people, because they make the perfect gift!
  • Do remember that you get what you pay for, and a quality flask can last you for many years, and give you lots of faithful service!


  • Don’t take a drink in front of someone, without offering a sip.
  • Don’t offer the first sip to a man, when women are present.
  • Don’t keep any liquids in the flask if it won’t be used for a while.
  • Don’t use soap or other cleaners inside your flask.
  • Don’t ever drink from your flask at a church or other religious house of worship, and certainly not during any type of religious service, even a funeral. Come on, let's practice some decency, please!
  • Don’t ever drink from a flask when driving, or operating any type of vehicle or heavy machinery! The results of such behavior can be have a negative effect on your existence within the confines of time and space.
  • Don’t ever get pulled over by a cop, and offer him a sip from your flask! Even in Texas.
  • Don’t ever offer a sip from a flask to a minor, or anyone under the legal drinking age where you are. Please note: facial is not an indicator of someone being 21+ years old.
  • Don’t pay for engraving, personalization, or shipping, because the finest flask dealers offer these things for free! (hint, hint :))

DO check back here regularly for more flask tips and advice!

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