Everything You Wanted to Know about Wedding Flasks

As with many traditions, who really knows when or how it started. What can’t be disputed is that there is now a strong connection between weddings and flasks.

Terry downs the flask by The Geary

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For a long time, it was only groomsmen flasks, but with a changing in attitudes, it’s also extended to bridesmaids flasks.

There is the practical aspect to it – while weddings may be a lot of fun and excitement, they also come with a lot of stress and anxiety. As such, having something handy to drink from is of great use.

Then there is also the sentimental aspect to it. Weddings are just about the biggest milestone event people experience and it’s nice to have a personalized keepsake of the big-day. Wedding photos and the wedding video are nice, but there is something really noteworthy about a wedding flask.

Party Gifts by The Eggplant, on Flickr

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It takes a memorable occasion and makes it even more special. Now it’s not just groomsmen and bridesmaids that can have their own special flasks but the father of the groom, father of the bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, ushers, the bride, the groom and the wedding guests themselves.

This is going to be the first of several blog posts related to wedding flasks – advice when it comes regarding the selection of one, mistakes to avoid and the like.

Everyone dreams of the ultimate perfect fairy-tale wedding and the fantasy isn’t always going to translate seamlessly to reality. The weather may not be as you imagined it, a friend who you thought would be there is for some reason or another unable to attend and the venue you had in mind isn’t available.

All of these things happen. The great thing about the wedding flask is that it is one element of the wedding where perfection can be attained and that perfection will never disappear. You choose the flask you have in mind and then have it personalized as per your wishes. It will be just as you imagined it.

Years from the wedding, when you may not be able to fit into your wedding suit, a wedding gift or two is lost or broken and you’ve lost contact with some of the people there that day, the flask is still going to be as good as it was that day. Drinking out of it will never get old or not taste good.

In upcoming posts, we will take you through all the ins and outs of wedding flasks.

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