How To Survive in the Woods: Flask Survival 101

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You're in the woods hiking with some friends. You're all trekking along, laughing, talking, and having a genuinely jolly time. All of a sudden you become deeply engaged with a pleasant daydream and slowly wander off the trail, unbeknownst to you and your crew. A few seconds of mind wandering and a little veering is all it takes to get lost, really Not taking timely notice to your absence, your crew travels on without you and you're left all alone, lost deep in the middle of the woods. All hope seems lost... until you remember about the flask in your back pocket! Good thing you brought that puppy along, because it can really come in handy.
Here is why you don't want to get lost in the woods without your flask... Suppose you are so lost, that you begin to panic... taking a sip from the flask can be very comforting, and will help you to relax, regain your composure, and then continue your search for the exit. (I know there is not an “exit” to the woods, like leaving a building, but you know what I mean.) When you’re lost in the woods, you can end up bumping into a tree branch, or a jagged rock, and cut a small cut or skin abrasion, and the liquid in the flask, can be the perfect antiseptic for the injured spot. Thank Goodness you had your flask with you!
If it gets cold, or was already cold to begin with, the alcoholic beverage can help “warm you up,” as they say. Another great reason to have that handy flask, handily with you, at all times... it could come in handy!
If you are so lost, that they have to send a search plane for you, then you can use the side of the flask to reflect the rays of the sunlight towards the plane, to signal them of your location. That is assuming, of course, that the flask has a metallic outer shell, as opposed to being covered with something like leather. So if you're the outdoors type, maybe stick to a flask with a metallic finish or one that comes with an anti-reflection sleeve for stealth, if needed.
If you are lost for a long enough period of time, and the flask runs dry, then you can use it to scoop clear, clean drinking water from the nearest lake, pond, river, stream or brook. Maybe the water would not be your first preference, but it’s better than dehydrating while waiting to be rescued. Disclaimer: make sure that any water gathered from natural sources is sterilized before drinking! You can carry water purification capsules with you or make sure to boil the water somehow before drinking.
If it’s nighttime, you can take a stick, and wrap some fabric on the end of it, then douse it with the spirits in your flask, and light it on fire, to create a torch. This can light the way and help you walk in the darkness or keep looking for the exit signs.
Although these flask-survival methods hold true, we recommend watching the following video for a review of some basic survival precautions to adhere to if you really want to know your stuff about getting lost in the woods:

We're always thinking of clever, out-of-the-box ways to use your flask, so stay tuned for more reasons to always carry a flask with you!
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