Flasks Are More Important Than Sandwiches, Butterflies, & Pennies

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If you already have a top-quality, functional, stainless steel flask, to carry your favorite spirits around in, then you are already aware that it is a very important accessory. If you are thinking of buying one for yourself, then you should do so immediately, because you will quickly learn of the importance of having a good hip flask. If you are considering getting one for someone as a gift, then you should not hesitate, because it is one of the best gifts to give to someone, especially if you're really stuck on what to buy for them!
In general, flasks are more Important than...
(1) A Butterfly Net: If you are camping, and you and your eight year old daughter get into a rowboat, and when you get a little bit away from the shore of the lake or pond, and she sees some butterflies, and starts to swing at them with her butterfly net, and you are taking a sip of “daddy’s medicine,” from your flask... she might to start losing her grip on the net, and as you jump up to get it, you almost lose your grip on the flask.
It would be better to keep the flask, and let the net go. It might float, and you may be able to retrieve it, but if you drop the flask - KERPLUNK - it will sink to the bottom of the pond or lake, so fast, you will have lost it forever. Even if you cannot recover the butterfly net, you can still entertain and amuse your little princess, and the contents of the flask will give you the energy and the jovial attitude to do so!
[caption id="attachment_755" align="alignright" width="180"]Pile of Pennies Photo Credit: David Dellinger[/caption]
(2) A Bunch of Pennies: You are going somewhere and before you leave the house, you decide to put all the pennies that your spouse found under the couch cushions into your pocket, because you want to spend them at the store and get rid of them. All those pennies get pretty annoying, don’t they? Then you realize you also want to bring a flask, that you would normally put in that pocket, but it won’t fit because of the pennies. We say leave the pennies and take the flask! You might find yourself in a sticky situation, such as getting a flat tire, and you will not have a need for those pennies. But a swig from a flask sure would come in handy :)
(3) A Sandwich: You are on your way to a place where you know you will have to wait, perhaps driving someone to a doctor’s appointment or a job interview. You decide to bring a sandwich, and then you think “Maybe I should bring my flask instead.” Bring the flask. Always bring the flask. This is the wiser of the two choices because if the wait turns out to be longer than you expected, you might find a sip from a flask more enjoyable than the salami and cheese with mustard and hot peppers. Additionally, the effect of its contents will make the waiting period more tolerable!
So remember to always bring a flask and give it the priority it deserves!
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