How Many Shots Does an 8 oz. Hip Flask Hold?

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Everyone knows that flasks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One important factor to consider when shopping around for a good quality hip flask is the amount of shots the container can hold. If you're the kind of person who likes to sneak off and take a drink solo, a smaller flask that holds just a few shots may be the right fit for you. However, if you're sociable and like to share what you carry, then a larger flask size will help you get on with your schmoozing while providing enough shots to make all the rounds.
When 1 Shot = 1.5 oz. (average bar & club shot size)
An average shot that you might get at a club or bar is usually 1.5 ounces. That would make the following scale true:When 1 Shot = 1 oz.
However, some bars, clubs, and restaurants use a 1 ounce shot glass, or maybe you prefer a one ounce sized drink, in which case, these would be the results:
  • 4oz Flask = 4 shots
  • 6oz Flask = 6 shots
  • 8oz Flask = 8 shots
  • 12oz Flask = 12 shots
  • 64oz Flask = 64 shots
When 1 Shot = 2 oz.
Now in some extreme cases, there are establishments that may use a 2 ounce shot in a drink, or they free pour and do it a little heavy, or maybe you are used to entertaining people, or going to someone else’s home and being entertained, and your perception of a shot might be a full two ounces, in which case, these would be the translations:
  • 4oz Flask = 2 shots
  • 6oz Flask = 3 shots
  • 8oz Flask = 4 shots
  • 12oz Flask = 6 shots
  • 64oz Flask = 32 shots
When people buy a flask, as a gift to give to someone else, they will usually give a woman a flask of 4-6 ounces and a man a flask of 6-8 ounces, with 8 being the most popular choice! You can even have the flask seller put the flask into a handsome gift box, along with a convenient funnel, and a couple of shot glasses. Just make sure you get the right size flask to suit your social and drinking habits.
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