How to Survive Family Reunions and Visiting Relatives with a Flask

These days, we all get invited to “family functions,” which we would rather not attend. Maybe it is to the home of a distant relative, who we find annoying, or maybe you've been invite over to spend some time with your spouse's family, a place you don't feel especially comfortable there. Sometimes the hosts have different ideas about things than you do, and maybe they live differently, eat differently and even drink differently, or not at all.
What if you are a big fan of scotch or tequila and your host only has wine? That’s why You Should always bring a flask of your favorite stuff to a family holiday party! Even if it is not a holiday, but simply a run-of-the-mill visit, make sure to travel with flask in hand. This way you will always have your favorite spirits with you. Flasks also help you drink discreetly in a case where this is a necessary precaution.
Maybe the relatives you're forced to visit are extremely religious and don't allow a drop of alcohol in their house. Well, in that case, you can take your glass of ice and Coca-cola, step aside to a quiet spot for a minute, and pull out your handy flask to introduce some Bacardi Rum to that Coke. Now you're ready to return to the party with a smile on your face, and no one will know that you have a nice Rum & Coke in your hands! Voilà!
Family Reunion
Even if you're not a serious drinker, you may feel like having a few drinks if you're travelling on your one weekend off from work for a while. And if the aunt and uncle you’re visiting that weekend are opposed to having liquor in their home then you'll be our of luck unless you have a flask with you.
So, what's the moral of the story? I don't think I need to address it in too much detail. Basically, make your life simpler and more risk-free by investing in a good quality flask for you to carry around some spirits in. To keep your family visits fun and exciting, or simply to keep you from wanting to jump off the roof, you need a flask for such occasions!
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