In Living Color

We categorize the hundreds of flasks we have in many different ways – flasks by size, flasks by type, flasks for occasions, etc. We have decided to add a new category to the site – flasks by color.
You can get flasks from in many different colors - let's highlight two of our more popular colors – pink and black
Black Flasks
The color black pertains to things of a secretive and hidden nature. Those who like to be discrete about their flask tend to like it to be black. It can be whipped out in night and swigged on without creating too much attention.
Some of our most popular flasks are black – especially the groomsmen flasks. With most of the male half of the bridal party wearing a dark color, if not black itself, the black flasks go very well.
The 8oz Black Tuxedo Groomsmen Hip Flask with Personalization would be one of our most popular flasks. In this instance, it is especially popular with wedding parties because of the 8oz hip flask. This is the most popular size due to its ability to easily fit in the pocket.
Whether it’s the wedding rehearsal that is dragging on or standing around waiting for photos, the flask is the perfect accessory for any groomsmen.
Also popular is the 6oz Black Textured Leather (Cow Hide) Hip Flask. A classy flask, it is made classier by the ability to add a monogram to it.
Blacks flasks is one of our biggest categories and we currently have 68 flasks in it. It isn't just flasks that are exclusively black - we also have flasks such as the Blue and Black Zebra Pattern Hip Flask that include colors in addition to black.
Pink Flasks
When it comes to a pink flask, it’s hard to go by the personalized Pretty in Pink one. At 6oz it is very discrete and subtle. This flask is cute, playful and charming. While pink is a color that is typically associated with females, there is no reason why a guy can’t sport a pink flask.
Another popular pink flask is the 6oz Half Pink Hip Flask. One of the special things about this flask is that it does not have a flask4hinged lid. The great thing about this is that it allows you to remove it from the flask. The combination of pink and white lends itself to a stylish look.
Whether it is a black, pink, red, blue, brown, white, yellow, green or any other color flask you are looking for, you can find it here.
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