Life is Too Short to Drink Cheap Scotch so Carry a Flask Instead!

Aunt Edna & Uncle Phil invite you over for a long Sunday afternoon and evening, and you enjoy seeing them once in awhile. They’re fun, they’re lively, they have funny stories to tell, Aunt Edna cooks great meals, BUT, and it’s a Big But... Uncle Phil buys these huge bottles of this cheap Scotch you have never heard of, and you like the fifteen year old single malt Scotch that you have been drinking since graduate school.
So, what do you do? If you show up with a liter of your favorite brand, Uncle Phil may exclaim, “Nonsense, this stuff is too expensive for me, besides, I have gallons of great Scotch here in the house! You kids take this bottle home later, and use it yourselves... today we drink MY brand!” Now, after all that, you do not want to offend Uncle Phil, and if he is actually your wife’s uncle, then you especially have to be careful!
So, what is a Scotch lover to do? Carry a flask filled with your favorite Scotch! And when Uncle Phil pours you a glass of his stuff on the rocks, you can either wander away for a moment, dump it out, and replace it with your own, or you can suck it down in one gulp, while no one is looking, and replace it with your own. After all, a good single malt Scotch that’s at least fifteen years old... well, there’s nothing like it!
Similarly, you may be going to a party where they insist you do not bring anything, but you know they will not have a suitable Scotch for you to drink. So, you bring your trusty flask, filled with something delectable and delicious, and when you have the chance, you fill your glass with it.
My sweetie tells me of a Sex And The City episode where someone was having a party, and all they served was clear drinks, and it had something to do with a white carpeting throughout the luxurious home where the affair was being held. If you find yourself in that type of situation, you will have to sneak off to the bathroom to drink from your flask, and you will be counting the minutes until you can leave!
Life is too short to drink cheap Scotch, so carry a flask, and you will never have to worry about it! This message has been brought to you with care by the crew at
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