Popular Songs that Originally Included the Word "Flask" In the Title

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Sometimes a music artist or band writes a pop song, but then their record company decides they should change the title, even slightly, just to create a better likelihood that the song will become a BIG number one hit!
But, alas, we suspect that there have been certain hit songs from the past that originally included the word "flask" in their title. Here are some popular songs from the last few decades whose titles we suspect were subject to change, replacing a flask-related term with something more mainstream.
(Disclaimer: this post is for entertainment purposes only. None of these songs actually had the word flask in their original titles.)
  1. The Bellamy Brothers: Let Your Flask Flow #1 in 1976 ("flask" was changed to "love". Go figure!)
  2. Rupert Holmes: Escape (The Flask Song) #1 in 1980 (they changed the words in parentheses to "The Piña Colada Song")
  3. The Police: Every Drink You Take #1 in 1983 ("drink" was changed to "breath")
  4. Cyndi Lauper: Flask After Flask #1 in 1984, (they changed the word "flask" to "time" in both instances!)
  5. U2: Still Haven’t Found My Flask #1 in 1987 (they changed "my flask" to "what I’m looking for" Still not sure how I feel about this.)
  6. Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Flask #1 in 1992 ("flask" was changed to "back")
  7. Seal: Sip From A Flask #1 in 1995 (they changed "sip" to "kiss", and "flask" to "rose")
  8. J Lo: If You Had My Flask #1 in 1999 (they changed "flask" to "love" - I'd give up drinking for her love!)
  9. 50 Cent: In Da Club Wit My Flask #1 in 2003 (they deleted "wit my flask" completely. They should have just deleted the whole song, if you ask me!)
  10. Mariah Carey: Touch My Flask #1 in 2008 (they replaced "flask" with "body". This was probably a much better idea!)

If you think of any others, leave a comment and let us know :)
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