Revised Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Always Carry Your Flask With You!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Don't Panic!There are many reason why you need a towel. The weather may sometimes be very warm and humid and you may need a fresh cotton towel to wipe the sweat from your brow. When you're at the beach watching your kids, you may need to clean off your sunglasses or some bananas that fell into the sand. In this case, a towel would be a good thing to have with you.
But there are other bigger, scarier situations in which a towel won't cut it. No, you need something else more reliable and loyal in a time of dire need. So, when you find yourself being abducted by aliens or a last remaining citizen of planet Earth, a trusty flask filled with a fine alcoholic beverage may be better suited.
Another great thing about having a flask in this situation is that you can use it to clean electrical contact points in your friendly robot acquaintances. Additionally, you're sure to run into some danger along the way and alcohol is an incredible disinfectant which can be used to clean wounds, as we've mentioned in other posts. Your flask just got upgraded to a piece of first-aid gear just by thinking out of the box!
I would check, however, as to a flasks ability to be transported via transportation. It's best to check which materials can be broken down to travel through space and time before carrying it along. If needed, certain robots have special compartments to carry these materials through the transportation process. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully before attempting.
Anyway, in addition to bringing your towel, whether you’re traveling around the galaxy, like some of the characters in the novel by Douglas Adams, or even if you’re taking a walk to the park, you also need to bring your flask as well.
It is better to have it with you, and not need it, than to need it and not have it! Always fill your flask, and be prepared for any situation. Then when you need something to help you get through an event, though the day, or to put up with someone or something annoying, you can sneak off and have a sip of your favorite liquid refreshment.
Life is too short to deny yourself the simple pleasures and when your six year old niece is performing in a children’s choir, it is good to show up. But you may not want a juice box during the intermission in the cafe-gym-atorium! Be prepared and bring that flask, just as we learned in Boy Scouts! (Of course they didn't teach us about flasks and drinking, but they did always tell us to be prepared, right?)
You never know where you may be, or what might be happening, and you will be happy to have the comfort of your flask with you in every and any situation. It can help you at funerals, parties, recitals, plays, little league games, theme parks -- the list goes on. If the aliens abduct you, and as you hurtle through outer space in their ship, they too may enjoy a sip of some of the fruits of planet Earth!
Just always remember the most important thing: DON'T PANIC! ;)
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