Save Money By Bringing a Flask Along When You Go Out

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How much money can you save using a flask? Well, that’s simple: A LOT!
If you are frugal or “value driven,” then you will love owning and using a hip flask because you'll save quite a bit of money. Let’s say that you're the kind of person who might buy approximately 6 drinks over the course of the night while out at a club or bar, the average cost of a drink is $5.00. That means you would spend around $30.00 for a few drinks, and that's without accounting for a tip for the bartender or cocktail waitress.
Instead, you can buy a top-quality 8oz hip flasks for about $15.00, roughly half the cost of drinks for just one night out on the town. If you end up using the flask even just one time, you will have saved about $15.00. Each time you refill and reuse the flask when you go out on the town, you are earning savings. We have had buyers tell us they have saved hundreds of dollars in liquor costs in just a few months after purchasing a flask!
Now, it's important to keep in mind that you must be discreet, as most clubs and bars don't want you bringing in liquor from the outside. They want to sell you theirs. Just as a movie theater wants you to buy their candy. It's the same jazz. You dig?
But, if you order a coke for a buck, and you throw the waitress a dollar tip, you can quickly pour some rum or whiskey into the soda from your flask as she walks away and no one will know the difference. Some people like the fact that they can bring their specific, favorite drink in the flask. Some people might like a rarer Scotch that the bar doesn't carry, or some other fancy liquor that the bar charges $10 per drink.
Having a flask really comes in handy and you're sure to get lots of good use out of it. It will help you save money in the long run. Heck, even in the short term, you'll see some saving from owning a flask!
And getting back to movie theaters for a second, you can get a soft drink in the lobby (where alcohol isn't even available) and transform that puppy into something more exciting once you’re comfortable seated. All you gotta do is slip out your handy hip flask, pour in some good stuff from your flask, mix it up, drink, and enjoy the show!
That's just how us flask holders roll.
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