Situations When a Filled Flask Can Save the Day

There are many things that can happen in the course of your day. Some events will be happy and some will be sad. Whatever the occasion, a flask can come in handy to save the day more often than you'd think! Here are some examples of situations when a filled flask can save the day, in case you did not know.
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Getting Stuck in an Elevator
You and a couple of other friendly people get stuck in an elevator. Rather than panic, you can all sit down, relax, and share a few drinks. At this rate, it really makes sense to turn the whole fiasco around and start partying your brains out while waiting for the repair people to rescue you.
Tending a Wound
If you're out and about somewhere and someone gets a small cut or scrape, the liquid inside your flask can be used as an antiseptic for the wound to clean it and help numb the pain. Then you can cover it with a bandage (and take a sip of the alcohol inside to ease the discomfort from the wound).
Camping in Chilly Weather
If you are out hiking or camping alone, or with some other people and the weather gets chilly, the contents of a filled flask can help you warm up. Also, if you all become lost, the flask may help you to have a sip and relax while you figure a way to get back where you want to be.
An Agonizing Meeting or Event
If you are ever at a meeting, a dinner at someone’s house, or somewhere you really do not want to be, you can step outside, to the coat room, or to the restroom and have a drink to escape the agony of whatever it is that you’re forced to deal with.
In a Small Waiting Room
Spending hours in a waiting room can be brutal due to the crying or screaming of young children. If too many people are crammed into the small area, sometimes it's beneficial to leave the room, have a drink to relax, and return to the room only once you are better able to ignore the antics of the others who are also waiting.
[caption id="attachment_1057" align="alignleft" width="300"]Trucks in Traffic Photo Credit: Mick FInn[/caption]
Standing in Long Lines for Hours
This situations requires no further elaboration.
So, as you can plainly see, a filled flask is a vital thing to carry around and can even save the day on occasion, if you let it :)
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