Beach Gear: Bringing a Flask to a Day at the Beach

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Firstly, I want to make it clear that there is no such thing as a bad day at the beach. Even if it's windy, a little cloudy, the water is choppy, or there is a bit of drizzle, it still beats sitting in a desk at work or school! Am I right?
So, now that we know a “bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work,” let’s move on! You can make your day at the beach even better by bringing your flask along for the adventure. Make sure it's filled with a favorite spirit and get on your way. If you bring a cooler with some cold brews or soda, fresh fruit, or whatever else you need to bring chilled, you can also bring some limes to go with your Jose Cuervo, or to put with your Rum & Coke! The flask can carry whatever you need to mix with whatever is in the cooler, or it might contain something you enjoy straight!
In case you're wondering what else to bring with you, besides your flask (yes, believe it or not, a flask and some alcohol is not the ONLY thing we recommend bringing to the beach), check out this beach gear checklist from
As you listen to the sights and sounds of the sands and ocean, remember to keep an eye on your kids playing where the water meets the shore. If you start to feel a bit loopy from drinking, just make sure you don't lose composure enough to be able to properly monitor your kids.
After a while of sitting and drinking in that beach chair, you can find yourself reminiscing about your youth and wonder where it went. When this happens just make sure to focus on the present good in your life and less so on what's in the past. Life is full of incredible goodness at every moment, so make it a point to focus on the good in the present and less so on the "good ol' days" or yore, whether those long-gone college days or something else. Regardless, a quick swig of a flask can enhance a mood and bring you into a comfortable, restful mindset... but don't forget to keep an eye on your kids!
If you're a single dude at the beach and some pretty ladies lose their Frisbee by your feet, having consumed some tasty spirits could help you get up the confidence to chuck that thing right back at 'em and accept their offer when they invite you to come play. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself partying the night away with one of your new-found beach buddies! With a day at the beach and a flask full of the good stuff, you never know what fun you're in for!
Additionally, there is even a practical first-aid application to bringing your flask to the beach. If someone steps on a shell fragment and gets a tiny cut on their foot, you can treat the small wound with some alcohol from your flask to cleanse the area and protect it from germs!
Yes, my friend, a day at the Beach is always better with a Flask!
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