The Ultimate Guide of Flasks Buying for Celebrities

We saw this article, regarding gifts given to the British Royal Family in 2014 and someone had the good sense to present them with a flask. This got us thinking about the flask we would give to various celebrities if we had the chance.
Taylor Swift – If any celebrity walks the tightrope between naughty and nice it is Taylor Swift. If she had a flask she would like one such as this one. Shake it off indeed!
Kim Kardashian – this first lady of reality TV and the internet tried to break it with her photos. What could be more fitting for her and her image than a silver crystal bead and rhinestone 6oz hip flask?
Kanye West – Of course Kanye doesn’t want to be left out so we have a Fading Sat Cat with Clown Fish Hip Flask for him.
Lena Dunham – No one divides opinion like Lena Dunham. The star of Girls likes to push the envelope and be provocative so this 6oz Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Hip Flask would be the perfect gift for her.
Usher – What could be a better flask for this entertainment superstar than one that has his name on it! This 8oz wedding flask is ideal for him.
Brad Pitt – Despite being a very busy actor and producer, Brad Pitt’s six children are very near and dear to his heart. As such this 8oz Best Dad Ever flask would make a fine gift for him. When he is away on set, he will definitely appreciate it.
Derek Jeter – When someone retires it is customary to get them a gift such as a flask. When it comes to Derek Jeter, it is a great gift given how hard it is to find a gift for the person who has everyone. Given his salaries and endorsements there is nothing the Yankee skipper would want for. Additionally he already received a bunch of gifts from all the teams he played against in 2014.
When he is sitting on the bench that the White Sox gave him, listening to Yankees games, one of our retirement flasks will provide him with the perfect company.
Beyonce – The Bootylicious star definitely does not want for anything so if you want to find a gift for her that she would really like, it needs to be something unique. The mistake people make is to think a person like Beyonce would need something big and glitzy, but in reality it’s the little things that would find their way to her heart.
One such gift would be this 6oz Beaded Hip Flask with Actual Rhinestones. Could see her taking this with her on tour.
Barack Obama – Any flask for the first drinker of the United States needs to have an American theme. We have a few and considered Uncle Sam and also a flask with a golfing theme.
In the end we thought nothing could be more suitable for POTUS than a flask featuring the stars and stripes.
Michael JordanHis Airness is well known for Chicago Bulls colors red/white and red/black, but he will forever be connected with the blue of his beloved Tar Heels. He would love nothing more than to drink out of a blue flask.
Floyd Mayweather
– The boxer known as Money is well known for his love of displaying piles and piles of money. As such, this is the ultimate flask for him.
6oz-redneck-woman-hip-flask-500x500June Shannon – You may not recognize who this person is by name but you may do so by her nickname Mama June or as Honey Boo Boo’s Mom. She is the poster child of redneck women everywhere! As such, this is the optimal flask for her.
So there you go. Next time you need to buy a gift for a celebrity, you will have some insight as to what to get them and more importantly, you will know where to get it!
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