Turning 21: The Best 21st Birthday Present

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When your parents ask what the perfect gift is for you 21st birthday, I'm sure after a lot of thought that the answer will be, “A flask!”
The conversation is likely to play out as follows:
Parent: “A flask? What do you need that for?!”
Youngster: “Well, I don’t NEED it, but it would be a great gift.”
Parent: “Why is that?”
Youngster: “Well, I will be 21, and old enough to drink, and even though I am not really a
drinker (wink, wink) the flask is symbolic of me being old enough to drink!”
Parent: “Oh, I see.”
Youngster: “Plus, you can have them engrave it however you want! Pretty dope if you ask me!”
Note: moms, grandmothers and aunts love to give engraved gifts, so let them know that a flask can be engraved as well!
Parent: “Yes, I suppose a flask can be engraved. What should I have engraved on it?”
Youngster: “My monogram.”
Not that you really care about the monogram or the lack of a monogram, but if you
don't suggest something, then you might end up with a flask that reads similar to: “Happy Birthday My Darling Boy! Love, Mom” And I'm sure this is not the kind of thing you want others seeing when you're rocking out on your 21st birthday. So suggest the monogram and be on the safe side :).
Make sure to let your mom, dad, grandparents, and anyone else who may want to get you something special for turning 21 years old, that Flasks.com has a huge selection of quality flasks, with free gift engraving to boot!
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