United Colors of Flasks

I love colors 1 by jerine, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  jerine

Some people see things in black and white, but forget about shades of gray, there are so many more colors out there!
We at flasks.com are embracing this with our selection of colored flasks. We’ve always had flasks in many different colors, but not as a section on our website. We began by adding black and pink and have since added blue, brown, green, purple, red and white.
Some of the flasks we have such as the Blue and White Zebra Print 6oz Hip Flask or 6oz Purple and Green Cheetah Skin Printed Hip Flask are a combination of two colors.
So what does your choice of color say about you? Sometimes the choice may be dictated to by circumstances such as groomsmen or bridesmaids flasks that to be consistent with a color choice, but at other time, the choice is going to be an indication of your personality.
Let’s delve a little deeper:
Black – This is a color that relates to being in control of everything to do with your life. It also is connected with modern values and a streamlined design
Blue – A color that related to peace, truth, calmness and serenity. You are very comfortable with yourself and you put a high price on loyalty.
Brown – There is nothing more important to you than your family and friends. You are honest and practical.
Green – You like to feel safe and secure and green gives you a sense of being loved. You are more of an outdoors person.
Purple – A color that symbolizes spirituality, romance and being a very giving and selfless person to others.
Red – A very sensual and passionate color, you use all five of your senses to appreciate life. You are a bit of an extrovert.
White – You are a low-maintenance and independent who is self-reliant. Neatness and presentation are very important to you.
Pink – Love is a very important part of your being. You give a lot of love and receive it back in return. Women are obviously going to gravitate more towards to this color given the strong association between it and females. If a man chooses a pink flask, he is very self-confident!
While there are dominant traits in each of our personalities at times we feel more brown than green or more purple than black. This is why it helps to have flasks in multiple colors – by doing so, you cover all of your bases.
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