Whisky from the Rest of the World to Buy for Christmas 2014

In recent blog posts we have looked at the best whisky and spirits to buy as a present for Christmas 2014. The whisky post contained one from Japan and the rest were from Scotland. This got us thinking about whisky from other parts of the world.
After a bit of research and conversation, we discovered that one can certainly acquire some fantastic whisky that doesn’t hail from Scotland.
Sullivans Cove French Oak
This whisky comes from Tasmania, Australia, and has won a large number of awards including the Best Single Malt Whisky gong at the 2014 World Whisky Awards. The French Oak Port Casks are just part of the reason why this whisky is so popular. The nose contains traces of orange peel, coconut, and hazelnut, and the finish ensures that it goes down smoothly.
This whisky is very reasonably priced, and you are still going to get great value for the money. Many people may be skeptical of whisky that hails from Australia, but this changes the second one is able to taste some of it. Pouring this into your Christmas flask is sure to give you a very merry Christmas.

Pike Creek 10 Years Old

Leaving the Southern Hemisphere and heading towards Canada, we have Pike Creek. It is spicy yet creamy. It has elements of citrus and toffee. Again, people may approach it with low expectations due its place of origin, but likely will be blown away by the quality of the finish. While this may make a great Christmas gift, it is a great drink any day of the year. A significantly better present than socks.
Jack Daniel's
It may be a cliché to buy Jack but there is nothing wrong with buying something that is comfortingly familiar and well-loved. Old No. 7 is the original Jack Daniel’s and it tastes as good now as it did in the 19th century when it all began. Obviously, Tennessee whiskey or bourbon whiskey isn’t the same thing as malt whisky, but we are including Jack because it tastes so good. What Christmas isn’t going to benefit from his presence? Christmas is about having family together and reminiscing about times past, and nothing aids reminiscing like a bottle of Jack.
And if Christmas at home with the family is going that well, having your Christmas flask filled with Jack is going to make it all the more better.
As Christmas 2014 approaches, we want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families our compliments of the season.
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