Why Flasks Are the Perfect March Madness Accessory

Postgame Celebration by ChadCooperPhotos, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  ChadCooperPhotos

March means March Madness which means 63 incredible games of College Basketball. The NCAA Tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the 2015 version of it is about to get under way.
Part of the reason for the massive popularity for the tournament is it reconnects people to their college days. Cheering for their alum takes them back to the days when they were college students.
What better way to support your favorite school than a college themed flask? We have a wide range of them.
Our 8oz Custom Engraved College Fraternity Hip Flask is a very popular flask and would provide a great accessory to watching the games. Instead of a fraternity featuring on it, you can have the logo of your college engraved onto it.
A big part of March Madness is color. The uniforms, the mascots, the cheerleaders, the T-shirts of the supporters, will cause the stadium to be divided into two colors. Some schools are well known for their association with certain colors; the blue of Duke, Kentucky and Kansas, the red of Arkansas, Ohio State and St Johns and the like.
What this means is that you can buy a flask of color that provides a strong association with your school of choice.
texas flask
Syracuse isn’t there this year, but this Orange Hip Flask is great for those who have a strong connection to the color. Texas are competing, but will struggle to go far in the tournament.
The great thing about a flask is that regardless of the result it is going to provide you good company. If your team wins, then what could be better than celebrating with a drink? And if unfortunately your team gets beat than a drink is a great way to drown your sorrows.
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