Whiskey for Sore Throat - Bourbon Cough Syrup Recipe

Cough Cough
Yes, the old timers, in days gone by, used to use Whiskey for treatment of a sore throat. The Bourbon Cough Syrup Recipe, as it was sometimes called, was a sure-fire way to combat a cold, sore throat, coughing, and so forth. Wait until you hear how easy it is to make: all you need is honey, lemon, water and some Bourbon. That’s all! It’s not rocket science, nor does it require an education from medical school, or a even a high level of expertise.
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You would, of course, use your own ratios of each ingredient to your own preference, but a general base recipe to work off of looks something like this:
  • one ounce or one shot of Bourbon
  • maybe an ounce or two of water
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • one to two tablespoons of honey.
The honey is good for coating your sore throat and makes it easier to tolerate the Bourbon, for those who do not usually drink. The Bourbon might also help you sleep, and alcohol has often been a common ingredient in many cough and flu medicines over the years.
The water is optional, and you can heat the mixture on the stove in a small saucepan, while stirring it and being careful not to make it too hot. Some folks might opt for warming it up in the microwave. The drink should not be swallowed quickly, but rather sipped slowly and given a chance to soothe your sore throat.
Some people have been known to make the mixture only very slightly warm, and then actually gargle with it, before swallowing, which gives the liquid a chance to clear up any of the phlegm that might be in your throat.
Another alternative, would be to make some hot tea, and then add lots of lemon and honey, and a shot or two of the Bourbon. Then there is the traditional drink called a Hot Toddy, which consists of Whiskey, Brandy, or Rum, mixed with hot water or tea, along with lemon juice and honey according to your taste.
However you choose to care for your sore throat, we hope you feel better soon! Don't forget to get some good rest too!
The video below attests to the use of this remedy, however, it also points out that medical care should not be ignored in the event that the illness worsens.

Stay tuned to the Flasks.com! Next week is Brandy week! Oh the joys of Brandy!

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