Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: Village Halloween Parade (40th Anniversary)

If you want to have a howling good time on Halloween in NYC, New York City style, you have GOT to see the 40th Annual Village Halloween Parade! This is an event that is not to be missed! This year, the parade takes place on Thursday October 31st, 2013, starting at 7PM. For costume bearers who wish to participate, all are invited to line-up at 6:30 PM on 6th Avenue south of Spring Street, and north of Canal Street.
Talk about things to do in New York City, this is the largest and most wildly creative public participatory event in the nation (well, maybe aside from Burning Man), so naturally it happens on Halloween in NYC. There will be 53 different bands, hundreds of puppets, artists, dancers, and hundreds of New Yorkers, and visitors, wearing their own costume creations.
[caption id="attachment_1025" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Village Halloween Parade in NYC 38th Annual Village Halloween Parade 2010 - Greenwich Village, Manhattan NYC
Photo Credit: asterix611 (Flickr)[/caption]
For those who just want to watch, you can see it as it happens, on Sixth Avenue, from Spring Street to 16th Street, between 7 and 10:30 PM... and if you’d rather enjoy it from home, or your hotel, you can watch it on WPIX channel 11, from 7:30 to 9.
If you’re able to visit the Big Apple, you will want to see this enormous Party in NYC! It's always best to observe spectacles like this live as they happen. And, boy, will this ever be happening! They even have a website set up with more information at
If you still have doubts about attending the 2013 Village Halloween Parade, check out this clip of paraders from 2011 performing Michael Jackson's Thriller:

No matter whether you decide to trek downtown or enjoy the Halloween 2013 NYC Village Parade from the comforts of home, keeping a flask handy will most probably enhance the whole experience. Just remember to be kind and respectful to your fellow spectators as well as everyone present at one of the largest Halloween Bashes of 2013 in New York City!
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