Halloween 2013: Halloween Drinking Games & Halloween Party Ideas

Can you believe that 2013 is almost over?? Crazy, right?! It seems like just last month we were shopping for Valentines Day candy and roses!  But the reality is that soon we’ll be shopping for Halloween candy, and coming up with Halloween party ideas.
Halloween parties are truly awesome and, most often, double as costume parties. Given that everyone dresses up on Halloween, this makes sense. These parties give people a chance to "let loose” and get a little crazy. Costume contests are a common component of Halloween parties. During a costume contest, party-goers vote on who they think is the best dressed. Winners receive a decent prize and all rejoice!
No Halloween Party is complete without some Halloween party drinking games. For Halloween 2013, you can just take popular drinking games and make them Halloween themed. For example, rather than using white ping pong balls for beer pong, you can use black and orange balls. Voilà! You have Halloween Beer Pong!
[caption id="attachment_922" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Apple Bobbing Photo Credit: fantasysage[/caption]
Another good party idea is to bring back an oldie but goodie: Apple Bobbing! Bobbing for apples is a fun and exciting game that consists of contestants sticking their faces into a barrel filled with apples and water to try and bite onto and extract apples from the water. In this Halloween drinking game version, however, every time someone successfully bobs for an apple, everyone else has to take a shot of something alcoholic. To mix things up a bit, numbers can be carved into the apples, then each person has to drink the number of shots according to what appears on the apple. You can even get rid of the apples altogether, and replace them with those small bottles of liquor! Then the "bobber" has to drink whatever is in the bottle that has been bobbed. This game can be a ton of fun. Just be extra careful that no one gets too drunk while playing becasue we wouldn't want someone to drown in the container of water and apples, now would we?? But fo' reals - never allow a completely inebriated individual to submerge their head in a barrel of water for extended periods of time.
Halloween party ideas can also include spooky movies, spooky music, costumes, candies wrapped in black and orange wrappers, and some of those specialty flammable drinks that can be lit on fire. Be careful, however, that the flames don't ignite anyone’s costume!
If you feel extra ambitious, you can make some orange and black cupcakes using food coloring and chocolate frosting. You can also make the inverse - chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting.
However you end up celebrating, we wish you a great and Happy Halloween in 2013! Holiday season rocks, doesn't it?
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