Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl

Halloween 2013 in NYC!

Halloween a very special time of year when the ghouls come out from their hiding and everyone's inner freak gets a night to shine! There places more ideal than others in which to celebrate such awesomely freaky festivities. New York City is known for its generally "loud" character, a trait which becomes all the more salient on Halloween. Leading up to Halloween 2013, we're going to highlight a few of the top events that we recommend visiting if you happen to be in Manhattan over Halloween.

Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl

[caption id="attachment_966" align="alignright" width="300"]Jack o' Lantern Photo Credit: Kwan Cheung[/caption]
NYC Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl sounds intense, doesn’t it? Well, it is! They say that they’re calling all devilish night owls, to join them in New York City on Halloween night for a truly evil bar crawl. This event is just one of many things to do in NYC on Halloween night! Crawl-o-ween is presented by, which is the premier resource for bar hopping tours taking place in various cities.
From the website:
"On this frightful Halloween night, the mad hatters, naughty Alice’s, and brain eating zombies will haunt the hottest bars and pubs in NYC. Sexy bartenders will conjure up dangerously tasty party drinks, alongside some spine-tingling entertainment, all combined to cause a monstrous bump in the night.
Witching hour begins at 5pm, so round up all of your mischievous friends and come clad in your most shocking Halloween party costumes. Don’t be afraid to get particularly naughty. When else can you drink with the devil in style? Located within the Murray Hill area, this Halloween-themed bar crawl is great for those who want to assemble a cast of bogeymen and women residing in Midtown. What better way to drink their way around NYC with a cohesive, spooky Halloween event?"

Always remember: please don’t drink and drive, use public transportation, or have a designated driver (and camera person)!
Registration for the Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl begins at 5pm at McFadden’s Saloon located at 800 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017 (map). There’s a website with much more information and you can see it by clicking here!
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