National Ice Cream Month Cocktail Recipes

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Ronald Reagan is well known for his stint as POTUS and telling Mr. Gorbachev to "tear down this wall!" But what you might not know is that this same man inaugurated July as National Ice Cream Month!
What's even better is that the third Sunday of the month is designated as National Ice Cream Day, often celebrated by ice cream shops around the country with many happy people chowing down on some cold cream products. National Ice Cream Month offers fun for children, sure, but adults can also join in the excitement while maintaining their maturity by making up a cocktail or two that incorporates ice cream. Luckily, there are alcoholic drinks out there that use ice cream as a base. Here are five recipes that pair ice cream with alcohol to get the National Ice Cream Month celebration started.
Grasshopper Cocktail
This alcoholic ice cream cocktail is like a mint milkshake with a kick. A combination of creme de menthe, creme de cacao and vanilla ice cream complete this creamy concoction. This is the perfect cocktail to serve during the dessert course.
Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail
Fruit lovers will like the hint of strawberry in this frosty drink. Strawberries, vanilla ice cream and amaretto are combined to make a cocktail that is reminiscent of the classic dessert. Top this drink with whipped cream to make it even more like the iconic shortcake.
Frozen Mudslide
The mudslide is the one ice cream cocktail that everyone has heard about before. A mixture of vodka and Kahlua is paired with vanilla ice cream in the frozen version of this drink. Irish whisky and a bit of heavy cream kick this cocktail up to the next level.
Banana Colada
The banana colada is like a cross between a banana split and a piña colada. Rum, fresh bananas, vanilla ice cream and pineapple create the unique flavor combination in this drink. Ice can be added to thicken it up a bit, but freezing the bananas before adding them to this cocktail can achieve the creamy effect without watering down the drink.
Ice Cream Eggnog
Ice Cream Month may be in the middle of summer, but whipping up this frozen eggnog cocktail lets partygoers dream of and look forward to Christmas. Vanilla ice cream is the base for this particular drink. Add cream, bourbon, orange liqueur, orange zest and a hint of nutmeg to get that warm, fuzzy feeling while cooling off in the middle of July.
National Ice Cream Month is not just for kids! Alcoholic ice cream cocktails serve up classic dessert flavors with a unique, grownup twist. These creamy treats are the perfect addition to the dessert course at any adult gathering this July. So, Mr. Reagan we salute you! You alone had the insight and understanding to establish a whole month dedicated to ice cream, which holds a dear place in the heart of people around the world. So go out there and get a tub of your favorite ice cream. Make some ice cream cocktails and let us know how they turn out. Happy National Ice Cream Month to you all!
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