Three Reasons Why a Flask Is the Best Mother's Day Gift


One way to get through to your mom this Mother's Day, possibly benefit her health, and bring her some intoxicating joy is to consider purchasing an unconventional Mother's Day gift: a flask! It might sound like an odd choice at first, but the more you explore this option, the more a concealable alcohol canteen may seem like the perfect item for your special lady's special day.
Liquor the Elixir 
Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people who periodically drink alcohol in moderation reduce their risks of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Note that moderate alcohol consumption for women amounts to no more than one drink per day.
Alcohol offers a wide array of other benefits for the mind and body. The ethanol that it contains protects neurons; thus, it helps ward off dementia. In addition, the antioxidants in wine can supply extra energy, and red wine can increase levels of healthy cholesterol. Further, alcohol often eases anxiety, making people feel more social and more comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
So suggesting that Mom partake may not be such a bad idea after all!
Flasks: Ideal for Drinkers on the Go
It's likely that your mother may not want to carry a full bottle of alcohol around all day. For that reason, flasks -- many of which are specifically designed for hiding and transporting adult beverages -- are very handy. They are small and thin enough to fit in pockets or easily into pocket books and fanny packs. They're also highly durable, being made of stainless steel. Furthermore, modern flasks frequently look stylish and come in attractive colors. And some are disguised as everyday objects such as lipstick tubes and packages of cosmetics.
You can even have a flask engraved with your mom's name, the date, a brief Mother's Day message, and/or your own name. With an engraved container, Mom will no doubt think of you whenever she takes a refreshing sip of alcohol. And she rightfully deserves a drink after all the trouble you put her through as a child!
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