5 Cocktails That Won't Stain Your Wedding Dress

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Adding some interesting cocktails to your wedding reception is sure to get the party started, but syrupy concoctions could permanently stain your wedding dress. You'll want to keep your dress as a reminder of the most important day of your life, so it's a good idea to opt for cocktails that don't stain. Your bridesmaids are sure to thank you when their bridesmaids dresses stay pristine, too. Here are five delicious cocktails that fit the bill.
  • Martini:  This classic cocktail offers the added benefit of being completely clear. There's no need to worry about staining when you're sipping a combination of gin and vermouth, and your wedding reception will get that much-needed touch of class that every special event should have.
  • Daiquiri:  Skip the super-sweet additions to serve this cocktail as it's meant to be enjoyed. The classic ingredients in this cocktail include rum and lime. Sugar is added to the mix to make this a drink worthy of the sweet tooth.
  • Margarita:  This is another cocktail that can keep away the stains when kept simple. A margarita on the rocks is simply a mixture of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. If your menu focuses on Mexican cuisine, margaritas are the perfect addition to the festivities.
  • Sidecar:  A sidecar is basically a margarita with some added class. Swap the tequila for cognac to create the warming effect that is characteristic of this cocktail. Lemon is the preferred citrus for this drink.
  • Lemon Drop:  The clear characteristic of vodka makes it a perfect choice for cocktails on your wedding day. Vodka, lemon juice and sugar combine to make a slightly sweet sip in this refreshing cocktail.
There's no need to nix the open bar to avoid staining your wedding dress during cocktail hour. While you will need to steer clear of that Bloody Mary or Irish coffee, there are many great options that will keep the party going. Opt for one or more of the delicious, simple and fun cocktails listed above to enjoy a classic drink with your friends and family on your big day.
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