In-Law Visits - A Survival Guide!

This is a funny, sometimes sad, yet ongoing problem for some folks, and it is sometimes the spouse of the person who has the folks coming to town, who has to sneak away and take a nip from their flask, in order to deal with the in-laws and their wrath, complaining, annoying habits, controlling deeds, and other “pains in the butt.”
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Then there are times when the in-laws themselves, are victimized by the spouse of their son or daughter, who is perhaps, obsessed with church, or some other organized religion, or perhaps a healthy lifestyle that does not permit a combination of sugar, fat, carbs, bread, caffeine, chocolate, salt, bacon, and other foods that make life worth living, into the kitchen or the home! They would certainly have to smuggle in a flask of their favorite drink, because there won’t be any in that house!
Yes, you can try to pretend you're still asleep on Sunday morning, but they will pound on the bedroom door, if they are emphatic about having you come with them to church, and likewise, if you have some chocolate candies hidden in the night stand, and the aroma of the chocolate catches the attention of the astute olfactory senses of the health-nut, they will still be pounding on the door!
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So, whichever side of the menu or religious beliefs you are, someone might need to take a nip from a flask, at regular intervals, in order to cope, and a hip flask is the perfect antidote for keeping peace in the house during the visit!
When your wife has her parents coming to visit for a week, during the same week you are off from work, and it is not even a holiday week, that is simply unfair, so in order to keep yourself amused, you take a hip flask, and fill it with your favorite libation, and then as often as you feel the need, you can have a swig and continue to smile and let things go as they will.
If you ever have a little too much to drink, and the mother-in-law or father-in-law asks “What’s with you?” then you can reply, “Oh, it’s just some medicine that made me a bit sleepy.” After all, most spirits can be considered a “medicine” of sorts, so you won’t be lying! Stay tuned for more advice in the future, on how to cope with the in-laws!
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