Liquids on Planes: Are Flasks Allowed on Airplanes?

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The issue of liquids on planes has become somewhat of a sticky subject in the travel industry over the past decade. No longer can travelers bring water bottles through security, allowing vendors closer to the departure gate to drive up the prices of their goods. Nursing mothers must study a strict set of rules in order to prevent their baby's food from being tossed in the trash bin while they get checked by TSA. We understand the intention and caution needed when dealing with aerial security, and we're certainly not implicating that such actions are wrong. We're simply bringing to light an issue that many travelling people think about when planning their trips.
So what exactly is the deal with liquids on planes?? Can we bring in our carry on or not?? Let's take a closer look at the details.
No liquids are allowed in bottles larger than 3.5 oz. They will probably take the flask away from you at the Security Checkpoint, or else make you pour out the contents. It is not really worth the risk. If you do get it aboard the plane, and a flight attendant sees you drinking from it, this might cause some problems, and you do not need those.
Airlines generally have rules that only flight attendants are allowed to serve alcohol. This is probably to ensure that passengers don't get plastered and unruly, and most likely because they want to “sell” drinks to you, while you’re on the plane.
For several years now, travelers have been strictly limited as to the liquids they can bring on an airplane with them, but there are exceptions for formula, baby food, and certain medications.
The TSA even went through the trouble of addressing the public's concern with a short clip explaining the "Why" behind liquid restrictions.

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In a nutshell the rules state that; no liquids (gels, creams, or even jams, honey, or salsa) can be brought through the security gate. If you're carrying a water bottle, you'll most likely have to throw away the water. You can take toiletry items, but only in 3-oz. sizes, all packed in one clear quart-sized zip-lock type bag.
When flying, it is not worth taking the chance, of creating problems with nosey people, neurotic flight attendants, or representatives of TSA, Homeland Security, or any other authority figure.
If you are going somewhere, and once there, you want to be able to carry a flask, then pack it (empty) in your suitcase. Fill it once you arrive in your destination city. When in doubt, check with the laws where you are, or where you’re going. This blog posting is for entertainment purposes.
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