How To Order A Round Of Drinks Like A Champ!

Let's say you're out at a bar and want to treat your comrades to a round of drinks - how do you do it? Well, you could try Morse code, or you can slip a note to the bartender, but they may think you’re nuts and call the funny farm.
Actually, there are an unlimited number of ways to announce your intentions of buying a round of drinks; a megaphone, though some people at the bar won’t like the loud volume of your voice. Then there is the sky-writing airplane you can hire, but it seems a bit expensive and extravagant.
You could call the local radio station, and have the D.J. mention it “on air,” but as Murphy’s Law would have it, someone might change the radio station before the announcement is made.
Okay, here are some great ways to Order A Round Of Drinks Like A Champ:
[caption id="attachment_335" align="alignright" width="480"]Old Bartender Meme "Just look natural, dude. Order that drink like a champ, will you please?"
Photo Credit: Boston Public Library[/caption]
Hand the bartender a fifty or hundred dollar bill, and politely say, “Please give each of my friends a (fill-in the blank) and take it out of here.” Or... Hand them the same fifty or hundred (a hundred dollar bill works better, for effect) and say, “Please give each of my friends whatever they want, and take it out of here.”
Always be sure to say “please,” which is the magic word, and we were taught this as children. Waiters, waitresses, and bartenders do not hear “please” often enough! When they do hear it, they appreciate it! Especially when people order drinks at a bar.
You can also use the above techniques, when dealing with a cocktail waitress. By handing the money to the waitress or the bartender, it ensures that they will be ringing up the bar drinks with your money. If you simply order the round, and then when it is presented, another friend might pull out his or her credit card, or the cash, and attempt to pay the tab. If you have given the money in advance, the server will be sure to use your payment method. You can also hand a credit or debit card, instead of the cash, but the cash is the cooler way to do it!
If you are showy and pretentious, you can shout out, “Give all of my friends whatever they want to drink, on me, please!” But just make sure you have the funds to put your money where your mouth is! Stay tuned for more tips about drinking, flasks, ordering drinks, mixing drinks, drink lore, stories about drinking, drink humor, and other things drink related.
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