Welcome to the brand new Blog on Flasks.com!

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Welcome to the brand new Blog on Flasks.com!
We are a worldwide leader in hip flask design, development and distribution. Through years of experience, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on all things flask and alcohol related. We would like to take a moment to officially introduce you to our new blog section where you'll find the best articles about hip flasks, correct flask usage and maintenance, as well as helpful information on drinking and general alcohol etiquette.
  • Are flasks allowed on airplanes?
  • How can I order a round of drinks like a champ?
  • Should I throw my flask at an attacking bear or save it to drink when I get to safety?
These are just a few examples of the exciting topics we'll be discussing.
We also want to help you make the best, most informed buying decisions when purchasing alcohol, hip flasks, engraved gifts, or simply getting your drink on at the closest wedding party! So get ready for some fun!
We are proud to offer this fun, exciting and useful information to help you drink responsibly with the latest styles and trends. The best part is that we're going to dispense all of our advice and knowledge for FREE! Now how's that for a deal??
BE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN! We're setting out on an ambitious campaign to publish 50 posts in 25 days right here on the Flasks.com Blog, starting Monday, August 19th! With this "blitz", we hope to keep our customer base and other readers informed regarding best practices for hip flask use, alcohol safety and many other fun and relevant topics.
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