On The Rocks - A Guide to Drinking Whisky With Ice

There is nothing like a swig from a flask when it is freezing outside. It will warm you up and help shake out the coldness that runs along you from head to toe. It will make the cold weather a bit more palatable.
Once it starts to get warmer and you no longer need 4 layers of clothes in order to head outside, the benefits of having a drink won’t dissolve along with the snow. They will still be there.
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Whisky though, isn’t a drink one drinks because one is hot. When one is parched and looking for a drink to cool down, one typically doesn’t grab the Scotch. But once you have cooled down and relaxed, you may find yourself looking for it.
Speaking of dissolving, is the much-debated question regarding the adding of ice to your whisky. Should you or shouldn’t you? Is it ok to do so? For many devout whisky aficionados, this is as close to heresy as one can get. They wouldn’t want to contaminate their whisky with anything let alone ice. To people of this mindset, ice is going to dilute and numb the flavor of the whisky.
Just like single or double malt, whisky drinkers have opinions and aren’t afraid to share them. In their palate, their way is the right way so don’t be intimidated by those who question the sanity of drinking whisky with ice.
Whisky already has water added to it. It is part of the manufacturing process called cutting. This is done to bring down the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of it otherwise it just wouldn’t be drinkable. The ABV of Beer is around 5%, wine around 14% and whisky is in the 40s. If it wasn’t for the water, the ABV would be significantly higher.
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If there is any impact on adding ice to whisky, it is going to be negligible
People do drink it with ice otherwise the delightful expression on the rocks wouldn’t exist. And then is something exciting about the phrase – the way it conjures up the notion of whisky with ice.
The irony of this is that you can drink your whisky with ice in it even when it is freezing and snowing outside. If you want to drink it with ice you should feel comfortable about this decision and do so without fear of ridicule.
Of course the whiskey in your flask is going to stay at room temperature. If you want to put some ice-cubes in your flask, make sure they are narrow enough to fit!
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