Collection: Mechanical Engraved

Mechanical engraving is a process in which an arm uses a "diamond drag" engraving blade to touch the flask and scrape it to create an image or text.  This technique is one of the most common in the flask personalization industry and is the most traditional method of applying text to hip flasks.  The image or text is etched, or scratched, into the metal leaving a permanent marking that will not fade or wear over time.  Mechanical engraving, sometimes called rotary or impact engraving, is created with a very expensive machine (we have many of them) that hooks directly to a computer system that outputs your image or text and inscribes it directly onto the hip flask.  The etching does not always show up as well with mechanical engraving as it does with other methods such as laser engraving but out of all of the ways to customize flasks this method is the most permanent since the logo or text is actually etched into the metal walls of the flask.  With this method of personalization we are only able to offer engraving on the front of the hip flask. Check our our color printed flasks as well.