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5 Ounce easy-to-fill Hip Flasks are Ideal for Some Folks! There are times when 4 ounces is not enough, but 6 ounces would be too much, so what is a girl or guy to do? You have a hip flask, with your favorite beverage inside, and you would prefer something that has the perfect ratio of alcohol to your total body weight! Well, here is a wonderful 5 ounce flask, with a special EZ Fill feature! The patented shape and design of this awesome flask give it one major advantage over all other traditional flasks; this one can be easily filled without the need of a funnel!  The top of the flask actually opens up to expose a large area, in which you can pour your favorite alcohol without spilling a single drop. After all, Jack, Johnnie, and José will be more useful inside the flask, than on the countertop. Plus, our flasks are 100% stainless steel, and they’re rigidly tested and are leak-proof! No one wants tequila on their tuxedo! We also engrave for free, personalize for free, and we have free shipping. So, when you add up all the great benefits, there’s only one place to buy flasks for all of your gift giving needs and flask needs; here at We have been in the flask business for a long time, and we know what our customers want and need! You may not yet be a flask aficionado, but you’re on your way! We can even put this beauty into a gift box along with a pair of shot glasses, and then it’s really an amazing gift!

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