Collection: 64oz Flasks

Good God these things are huge!  64oz flasks are commonly made for novelty and many sellers offer these flasks as just a novelty so they are not made to actually hold liquid..not at, we sell these insanely large flasks made for actual use.  If you want to fill this bad-boy up with 1/2 gallon of your favorite vodka go right ahead, we have already leak tested it for you!  If you want a huge flask that is really impressive you need this flask.  There are many clubs and bars that are BYOB and we can guarantee that if you walk in with this flask filled to the top with alcohol you will be one of the most poplar party-goers of the night!  You are guaranteed to have many conversations about the large size of this flask!  Choose free personalization and make this flask your very own unique work of art. If this is too big for you, we have flasks in many sizes.