Collection: Golf

The origins of golf are murky and much debated but there was a golf-like game recorded as taking place on February 26th, 1297 (that's more than 800 years ago!). It is widely accepted that modern golf evolved in Scotland during the Middle Ages. The game didn't achieve wide-spread popularity until the 19th century, when it spread across the United Kingdom and then to the British Empire and finally to the United States of America.  Golf is a game of skill, man Vrs. ball, and many like this sport due to it's competitiveness and strategic attributes. If you would rather take a swing at a puck, check our hockey flasks! Our hip flasks have been designed for the golf lover or enthusiast. Our golf flasks are unique and designed solely for and not for any other company so you know the golfing flasks we carry are truly unique to our website and are not littered all over the Internet.