Collection: Honey Badger

The Honey Badger Never Gives Up! We have a brilliant flask perfect to give to your spouse, or your honey, if you will. Our top quality, leak-proof honey badger flasks, are just one theme of hundreds, thousands, millions... that we carry, here at your world headquarters for all things flask-gift related! Okay, maybe thousands is correct, but we are your one stop shop, for any kind of flasks, for any kind of gift, reason, occasion, apology, celebration, promotion, festivities, events, or gags... and simply because flasks make awesome gifts! We also have other animal flasks.  This viral video phrase from YouTube might keep you busy watching other honey badger videos for hours, and hours, but the flask will help you wet your whistle when you get tired of endlessly clicking on honey badger videos. The honey badger is known for it's tenacity. Many people aspire to be like a honey badger...especially where their “honey” is concerned! The Honey Badger Fad was kicked-off by this hysterically funny video which has more than 60 million views and if all of those folks will please order a flask, then WOW! We offer Free Shipping, Free engraving, Free personalization, and YOU can even upgrade your flask gifts to include a stylish gift box, a funnel, and a couple of shot glasses! Do I hear Honey Badger Likes That?