Collection: Mustache

At we believe in being current with the market which is why we have designed some neat mustache shape hip flasks.  The designs are basic but entertaining.  The mustaches are centered at the top of the flask so that when a drinker takes a sip it appears as though he/she is wearing a classic mustache.  We can change the position of the 'stash if you prefer another location.  Our mustache shapes range from classic to new-age and we can even create a unique mustache just for you if you supply a design you like.  Mustache flasks are most commonly presented to groomsmen in a wedding but also can be presented as a gift on a birthday, holiday or other special occasion like college graduations.  Also, many fraternity brothers and sorority sisters give these as gifts to friends or themselves. And if you have a set of wheels, check out our motorcycle flasks. If you want a modern and trendy hip flask with a classic appeal shop at!