Collection: Sexy

Sexy Flasks As Sexy Gifts For Your Sexy Self Or Your Sexy Friend... As the leaders in the Hip Flask Business, we naturally have to offer all types of flasks for all types of reasons, events, and occasions. So, it stands to reason that we need to offer sexy flasks, and we do have some that you will love. Whether you choose something from our enormous inventory, or if you have us create a custom made flask, you can have pretty much whatever you want, and flasks make an awesome gift for almost any occasions. These would go well with sorority flasks. Since we can take a photo you send to us and put the image on a flask, you can actually send us any sexy photo you want, and we can work our magic on this end, and put it on a 4 ounce, 6 ounce, or 8 ounce flask, and we do free engraving, free personalization, and free customization. The flask will be a top-quality, stainless steel flask, and it will make an awesome gift, whether you present it “as is,” or have us put it into a gift box, along with a handy funnel, and two shot glasses. Since we engrave these wonderful flasks ourselves, and we’re not Sunday School teachers, you can have us put whatever lettering, names, words, or phrases you want, on your customized flasks. You may need one, two, or fifty flasks, and we can accommodate you, so please take a look at our and have fun picking out a sexy flask, or a soon-to-be sexy flask.