Collection: St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day Flasks are useful, and here is the backstory: "The Day of the Festival of Patrick" as it used to be known, is a holiday observed on March 17th of every year which is the anniversary of St. Patrick's death.  Saint Patrick is the most commonly known of the patron saints of Ireland, and this holiday not only commemorates him but also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  This holiday over the past 400 years has gradually become a celebration of Irish culture in general and not just to honor a saint.  In Irish history this day was celebrated by wearing green attire, hosting parades and the lifting of Lenten restrictions on drinking alcohol; which is why alcohol consumption is a huge part of Saint Patrick's Day for many who celebrate it.  What better way to celebrate a "drinking holiday," as some call it, then with a hip flask made specifically for holding liquor?  Our high quality hip flasks are themed towards this holiday and others and make perfect gifts for someone you know or even for yourself. If you have a special someone, you can also save this flask for Valentines Day!