Collection: Valentines Day

Why buy a Valentine's Day flask? Here is the backstory: Saint Valentine's Day, called Valentine's Day by most, takes place annually on February 14th.  Many countries, not just the US observe Saint Valentine's Day but no country makes it a holiday from work.  Valentines day started as a liturgical celebration of early Christian saints named Valentinus.  Only after a few hundred years did poets such as Geoffrey Chaucer romanticise the day so that it became associated with love.  Now that it is the "holiday of love" has created many hip flasks that say "I Love You" in many different ways from humor to satire.  Our professional graphic designers pour their hearts and souls into every design so that it will be a truly unique creation that you will be proud to give to your sweetheart.  Take advantage of our optional gift boxes, free custom personalization and free shipping and you have a recipe for a spectacular Valentines Day. And if you don't have that special someone to drink with, then save your flask for St Patrick's Day!