Collection: Vinyl Wrapped

"Wrapped" hip flasks are a perfect example of one technology being used in a unique manner.  The vinyl and digital printer technologies were originally developed for the car/vehicle wrap industry to make custom car wraps.  We have adapted this technology to allow us to print an image, text, logo or graphic directly to a high quality vinyl that has one sticky side.  We can then take this vinyl sheet and wrap it all the way around the hip flask changing the dull stainless steel color into a colorful and vibrant work of art.  This process is only done by a handful of sellers but few have been doing it as long as  We are pioneers in the wrapped flask techniques and using this process we have been able to create some true works of art.  If you need a fully customizable hip flask with personalization in living color the printed vinyl wrap technique is the perfect solution for you. In case you want a blank flask, we have many to check out.